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Estate Planning

Estate Planning for Dummies

It’s Always Important To Have A Will, But As You Near Retirement Age, Estate Planning For Seniors Becomes Even More Crucial.

Estate Planning For Dummies are a collection of articles to guide you through the estate planning process.

Without a plan, your assets will likely be divided evenly among your surviving family members in probate court. There will be court dates, probate fees and even litigation. No one wants their heirs to be put through that—but it doesn’t end there. Estate planning for seniors is important for a variety of other reasons.

Let’s say you’re incapacitated in some way, an estate plan will ensure that someone you trust is looking after you and your finances.

Another part of estate planning for seniors is health and life insurance. Your specific plan should safeguard your estate by making sure your healthcare will be covered should you fall ill, and that your spouse will be financially sheltered should you pass away first.

Furthermore, beneficiaries should be designated for life insurance policies and retirement accounts, allowing your heirs are sure to receive your full estate.

In the articles below, you can find information to get your estate plan in order. With a solid plan, you can rest easy and fully enjoy the retirement you’ve always dreamt of!

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Estate Planning Choices for Seniors

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