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Tips for Managing Finances as a Senior

From Retirement Planning, Insurance Options, Investments and More

When it comes to finances for seniors, there are plenty of great questions to ask. No matter if you’re approaching retirement or you’re already reaping the rewards of your retirement plan, you’ll want to know you’re on track to get the maximum benefit from all your investments.  That’s where The Senior Life comes in. We know that protecting what you’ve invested is just as important as putting that money to work for your future.

You have lots of decisions to make, and we have a massive collection of tools to help you navigate retirement finances for seniors. Helpful and informative articles; finance calculators; estate planning; senior discounts; savings, investment and disbursement strategies; Social Security guidance; retirement tax tips; healthcare finance options and so much more.

As you prepare to retire and then move through your retirement adventure, we will be here for you every step of the way. Every financial decision you make will affect the comfort and safety you experience as a senior. We know that you only do this once…and that you want to get it right the first time.

And so, we’re giving you everything you’ll need, including solid financial advice specific to seniors and those preparing to live the retirement of their dreams. The financial guidance we’re offering will prove valuable to people in all stages of retirement planning—from those who’ve just started saving to those who are already retired.

Join us. Learn all about finances for seniors, and how smart financial decisions today can pave the way to a bright tomorrow.

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Will Your Money Last Until 100?

Will Your Money Last Until 100?

Hitting the century mark is entirely possible—to make it happen, here are things to consider Bob Hope did it. So did George Burns, Olivia de

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The Ultimate Guide to Spider Solitaire

The card game solitaire has kept generations of people entertained through solo play. Almost everyone knows classic Solitaire, but a recent variation is very popular

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Estate Planning

What is estate planning?

What Is Estate Planning?

“Estate planning”, according to Investopedia,  “is the preparation of tasks that serve to manage an individual’s asset base in the event of their incapacitation or

Estate Planning Choices for Seniors

Estate Planning Choices for Seniors

Estate planning choices often involve having to choose between a will or trust, which can be a difficult and confusing process. When thinking about estate

Best Retirement Planning Calculator | Retirement Planning | The Senior Life

Estate Planning Preliminaries

Choosing a Trusted Team to Ensure a Smooth Transition for Your Family Wealth management isn’t just about ensuring that you have enough money to live

Insurance for Seniors

Medicaid 101: The Basics and How it Works | The Senior Life

Medicaid 101: The Basics and How it Works

Did you know that in January of 2020, 63,920,268 individuals were enrolled in a Medicaid program within their respective states? Every year, people within


Dental Insurance for Seniors

Trying to decide if dental insurance for seniors is worth the cost? Read this overview to help you decide, especially if it’s not covered by

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