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New for 2021: Verizon 55 Plus Wireless Senior Plan


Pew Research has determined that 75% of seniors use a cell phone, and therefore, there’s a huge demand for not only a Verizon 55 Plus Wireless Senior Plan, but for devices that suit seniors’ needs.

Verizon Wireless is one of America’s largest providers of wireless products and services. In 2020, the company was serving more than 120 million people. Verizon Wireless service can be obtained in more than 95% of The United States, and you’ll be happy to learn that there is a Verizon Wireless Senior Plan available for anyone over 55 who has a Florida billing address. 

Let’s see what Verizon Wireless has to offer.

Verizon 55 Plus Wireless Senior Plan for Florida Residents

Until recently, Verizon Wireless only offered a senior discount plan to those 65 and older. But in response to T-Mobile’s plan for those 55 and up, Verizon now offers the Verizon 55 Plus Plan to Florida residents.

With this plan, seniors 55 and older who are new Verizon customers will pay $60 for a single line, or $80 for two lines when they enroll in Auto Pay (automatic payment withdrawal) and paper-free billing. Note that only the account holder needs to be 55 or older.

In addition, this plan includes unlimited talk and text, unlimited 4G LTE data, unlimited mobile hot spot (speeds up to 600 Kbps), DVD-quality streaming, Verizon Up Rewards (when you join Verizon Selects), and service in Mexico and Canada (with a 4G World Device). 

You will not have to reside in Florida year-round to take advantage of this deal. You’ll just need a Florida billing address. And since you’ll need to enroll in paperless billing to get the full discount, you won’t have to worry about invoices piling up in your Florida mailbox.

With this discount plan, you can supply your own mobile phone, or purchase a phone from Verizon (pay up front or make Monthly Device Payments with 0% interest). 

Favorite Cell Phones Among Seniors

You might enjoy the benefits of a Verizon 55 Plus Wireless Senior Plan, but if the cell phone you’re using doesn’t meet your needs, the experience won’t be the best it can be.

There are a number of features that seniors look for in mobile phones, including ease of use, large text size, voice-to-text and the best speakers.

Of course, there are new phone models released every year, but speaking currently, for the 2021 market, these are the most desirable phones for seniors:

Samsung Galaxy S10e

A great choice for seniors, this phone has a large screen, a side-phone fingerprint sensor, headphone jack, quick operation…and it’s one of the more affordable Samsung phones.

Motorola Moto e4 Plus

This phone is for the senior who wants to take photos with an autofocus camera, send texts and surf the internet. Its extra-large battery can last up to two days, the touchscreen is large and there’s a fingerprint sensor (which eliminates the need to remember your password).


Jitterbug Smart2

For those seniors who consider themselves to be technologically limited, this phone has a large screen and big icons, text set to large as a default, voice typing option, Urgent Response, games…and it’s compatible with hearing aids.

Unnecto Air Senior Phone

With the choice of two different screen sizes, this smartphone is known for its ease of use and functionality. Buttons are long-touch and icons are large. There’s a Family Member SOS option for emergencies, as well as GEO fencing.

RAZ Memory Cell Phone

With only one screen on the entire phone. Contacts are pictured, there’s an easily accessible 911 button and caregivers can manage the phone through a portal. 

This phone is perfect for any senior struggling with dementia, poor eyesight or other challenges that make using a standard cell phone difficult.

The Verizon 55 Plus Plan for 2021

Cell phone service plans change all the time, and it’s up to the consumer to check for the best deals available—whether you’re a new or existing customer.

The Verizon 55+ Plan for Florida residents has replaced a number of other Verizon Wireless Plans for Seniors, but if you’re already enrolled in the standard 55+ Unlimited or the 65+ Nationwide Plus program, you should still be receiving the benefits of your original plan.

No matter if you’re looking for a new phone plan, or you’re shopping for your very first cell phone, know that Verizon Wireless is a leader in digital solutions for customers of all ages, with corporate and retail stores across the U.S. 

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