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What Are The Best Verizon Wireless Plans for Seniors?

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Read on to find out the best Verizon Wireless Plans for seniors so that you can get exactly the service and benefits that you need.

Verizon Wireless offers several different wireless phone plans that can save you money. While they aren’t all designed specifically for seniors, many have features that appeal to those over age 55.

Each plan offers different options depending on what you’re looking for in terms of the number of minutes, amount of data, text, and price, so you’ll want to compare features to determine which one works best for your needs. Many seniors will discover they can save money through Verizon family plans with their grown children or grandchildren.

The one thing common to all of the best Verizon wireless plans for seniors is the excellent coverage across the United States. Verizon offers some of the best call coverage and lowest call drop rates across all major carriers, so you can feel confident you won’t miss calls or lose contact whether you’re at home or traveling.

Verizon Go Unlimited Plan

This family plan offers unlimited phone, data, and text for $40 per month per phone for up to four lines for family members. Verizon Go Unlimited is an excellent choice if you like to talk and use your email on your phone frequently.

You can also live stream and have an available phone hotspot when needed, although the download speed for streaming and hotspot quality isn’t as fast as with other plans. 

Verizon Beyond Unlimited Plan

Catchy name, right? Verizon Beyond Unlimited is essentially the next step up from the Go Unlimited Plan, with the price bumped up to $50 per line.

For that extra $10 per line, you get better quality streaming for movies and video as well as a faster hotspot when needed. Mexico and Canada are included with this plan for unlimited talk and text.

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Verizon Above Unlimited Plan

We see a naming trend here. One more step up and another jump to $60 per line. With this plan, you get all the previous features mentioned at 4G speeds with 75GB.

If you like to watch movies and download web series on your Smartphone, this is one of the better choices because it’s fast with flawless streaming quality. It’s also one of the best Verizon wireless plans for seniors who like playing games online.

A bonus is the inclusion of five travel passes for temporary use in 140 select countries. For seniors who take lots of vacations, this is one of the Above Unlimited Plan’s best features.

Verizon 55+ Plan

This is one of the most popular best Verizon wireless plans for seniors for good reason.

It offers excellent coverage for just $80 for two lines or $60 for a single line and is available exclusively to those over the age of 55. Coverage includes unlimited data, 480p streaming video, and unlimited talk. Mexico and Canada are included in the plan, and the streaming quality is DVD quality, so movies and webcasts are top-notch. 

Verizon 55+ is currently available in a limited area, so do check with Verizon to see if it’s available where you live. But don’t worry, Verizon has plans to branch out soon into other states and expanding their coverage.

This plan is currently our choice for the best Verizon wireless plans for seniors. It’s a particularly good value for couples, as the savings are even more impressive if you are getting two lines rather than one.

For the best possible savings, visit Verizon and compare their plans to see which plan offers the features you’re looking for at the price that works for your budget.

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