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The Best Auto Insurance for Seniors

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Looking for the best auto insurance for seniors? Look no further! Trust the AARP® Auto Insurance Program from The Hartford for Affordable Coverage That Rewards Your Driving Experience

Senior drivers can find it challenging to find quality automobile insurance coverage, but through The AARP® Auto Insurance Program from The Hartford, affordable auto insurance coverage is possible. The AARP® Auto Insurance Program from The Hartford is offered exclusively to drivers over the age of 50 and who are members of the AARP. It rewards drivers 50+ for their years of experience on the road, giving them access to a host of benefits and discount options and an outstanding claims processing service and customer service and support system. 

Company Strength

The Hartford was founded in 1810 and has risen to become a leader in the insurance and financial services industry. With over 200 years of experience in financial services, insurance, group benefits, and mutual funds, it has established a reputation for integrity and trust in the industry.  

The Hartford currently serves more than one million small businesses and is number one in fully insured inforce disability policies. The Hartford is the only nationally endorsed home and auto insurance program for AARP’s more than 36 million members.

The Hartford Financial Services Group, the parent company to The Hartford, is a stable company with A or A+ ratings from A.M. Best, a credit rating company focusing on the insurance industry. The company’s net income in early 2020 was $268 million, making it one of the most influential insurance companies in the U.S.

Popular reviewing websites such as NerdWallet consistently ranks the AARP® Auto Insurance Program from The Hartford high for overall performance accounting for a wide range of factors, including ease of application, website use, financial strength, and customer service and more. 

What You Can Expect from The AARP® Auto Insurance Program from The Hartford Coverage

There are many advantages for drivers 50 and over to have a policy through the AARP® Auto Insurance Program from The Hartford, which is why we’ve designated it as the best auto insurance for seniors. AARP has carefully vetted a number of insurance providers before choosing The Hartford based on many factors, including exceptional customer service, the company’s ability to tailor coverage to the specific needs of senior drivers, and the financial strength and dependability of the firm. 

The AARP® Auto Insurance Program from The Hartford offers:

  • Policy discounts only available to AARP members
  • RecoverCare. This unique coverage pays for cooking, cleaning, transportation, and other services if you are injured in an automobile accident that isn’t covered by health insurance or Medicare, depending upon your state of residence.
  • New Car Replacement. Get full replacement value if your new car is totaled, with no deduction for depreciation.
  • Lifetime car repair assurance if you have it repaired at an approved shop.

Discounts and Benefits

AARP members enjoy several discounts available exclusively to them when purchasing automobile insurance from The Hartford, including bundling their auto policy with home or renters’ policies for additional policy savings. Savings can be up to as much as 20% on home and renters’ policies. Drivers with a clean driving record can also earn reduced deductibles over time. 

The Hartford also offers additional features drivers can opt to add to their policy, such as collision protection, glass repair, personal injury, and more at an additional cost.

You may also get additional discounts for:

  • Taking an approved defensive safe driving or defensive driving course
  • Paying for your auto policy for the full year
  • Cars with alternative fuels
  • Cars with more than one airbag
  • Anti-theft devices in your car

Other benefits include first accident forgiveness and disappearing deductible. All of these vary in availability by state, so check with The Hartford for details.

Unparalleled Customer Service

One of the strengths of The Hartford as the best auto insurance for seniors is its outstanding customer service. You can use their website to apply online, make payments, update your policy, view, and print your auto policy documents and endorsements, and follow up on any accident claims. They have a downloadable mobile app, email or paper correspondence depending on your preference for all communication. Customer care professionals are available by phone Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm ET and Saturdays and Sundays from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm ET. The Hartford Auto Claims representatives are available by phone 24/7 year-round with quick claims processing.

Why It’s So Important to Work with The Right Car Insurance Company

When you’re in your thirties and forties, your auto insurance rates often drop because you’re more experienced. Car insurance in your fifties is usually reasonably priced. You’re a safe driver with plenty of experience, and you’re still in good health. Your reflexes are quick, your hearing and vision remain reliable, and you’re confident in your driving skills.

Once you hit 65, however, many insurance companies are going to penalize you for growing older, which is why it is important for you to have the best auto insurance for seniors.

Senior drivers as a group are more prone to minor accidents than middle-aged drivers. Part of this is attributable to changes such as slower reflexes, hearing loss, and poor vision as well as medications and health problems. 

When an accident does happen, seniors often suffer more severe injuries and are laid up longer. They may need more assistance for at-home care or transportation longer than their younger counterparts. Treatments costs can be higher, and the need for compassionate customer service and support can be crucial following an accident. Having the right insurance provider can make all the difference in getting the best possible rate and coverage and support you deserve.

How You Can Help Reduce Your Auto Insurance Rates

You can help reduce your auto insurance rates even more by taking a few steps on your own as a driver. While not every one of these will help in all states, you can check with the AARP® Auto Insurance Program from The Hartford to see which ones apply in your state to see how they impact your premiums. 

Take a Driver’s Safety Course

There are many driver’s safety courses geared toward seniors that can lower your rates. They focus on refreshing your skills, updating your knowledge of the rules of the road, and ensuring your fine motor skills are honed. There are currently 34 states that offer premium deductions for safe driving courses from approved locations.

Trade Down

You may love your expensive, luxury car, but it may be costing you a bundle in insurance premiums. Consider trading it in for a less expensive model with lower rates. Vehicles that are a few years older but reliable and safe are a wise investment that will also save you in repairs and upkeep.

Limit Your Driving

If you have the opportunity to take advantage of available transportation through a residential living facility, public transportation, or merely limiting outings, talk to your insurer about a rate reduction. Some policies are based on how much you drive, and if you are under a particular mileage limit, you pay less.

With the AARP® Auto Insurance Program from The Hartford, you can rest assured you’re getting the best auto insurance for seniors with excellent senior auto insurance rates and attentive customer service backed by AARP’s endorsement.

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