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Aging Beautifully: Makeup, Hair and More


Are you a super ager, boomer or senior who’s focused on aging beautifully? This article is packed with tips for you!

We all want to age gracefully. We want to “look good for our age” and like what we see in the mirror. But why stop there?

Why settle, when you can age beautifully.

Why compromise, when you can love what you see in the mirror?

Maybe you’ve heard of SuperAgers, and maybe you’ve learned how important it is to take good care of your mind and body—so you can go into retirement as healthy as can be. This is how retirement dreams come true. 

But who ever said you can’t look good doing it?

Aging Beautifully: It’s More than Skin-Deep

When you take care of your health, your beauty intensifies.

When you consume enough vitamins, minerals and healthy fats, your hair, skin and nails will be stronger, smoother and shinier.

When you get enough exercise, your muscles will be more toned, your body fat percentage will be at a healthful level and you will stand taller.

Drink enough water and your wrinkles will soften, your skin will plump, puffiness will decrease, you will heal faster and your skin will be softer and more hydrated.

That’s the foundation of true beauty in every stage of life. As you strive toward aging beautifully, eat for nutrition, drink lots of water and exercise daily. 

But there’s more…

Makeup Tips for Aging Beautifully

Some women increase their reliance on cosmetics as they age. Others use less.

No matter your particular makeup preferences, there are some things you can do to enhance a mature face so that it’s as gorgeous as it was meant to be.

  • Apply eye cream every night. Keeping the skin around your eyes hydrated will not only help to decrease wrinkles (which will keep you looking younger), it will keep the skin smoother and more favorable to makeup application. 
  • Do your eyes first. When you do your eye makeup first, you can remove any fallout (flakes and smudges) from your skin before applying the rest of your makeup. 
  • Use an eye primer. This will smooth the skin, keep eye shadow from settling into creases and keep it in place longer. 
  • Apply eyeshadow conservatively. In general, natural shades are best. Avoid pulling the color out beyond your lid, since this can draw attention to your jawline. Apply a darker shade in the crease, a lighter shade on the lid, and avoid the brow bone altogether. 
  • Avoid shimmer. As a general rule, the mature face should not have glitter or shimmer on it. So avoid these finishes in lipstick, eye shadow, blush, etc. There is one exception, and that involves putting a dot of shimmer on the inner corner of the eye, to illuminate it.
  • Reevaluate how you’re applying eyeliner. If you prefer an eye pencil, smudge the lines to make them appear softer. If you use liquid eyeliner, only apply to the top lid. And rethink the shades you’re choosing and opt for natural colors and milder shades.
  • Use the right color mascara to lengthen lashes.  When you’re choosing a mascara color, consider your current complexion. If you have dark hair and eyes, try navy blue, which will brighten the whites of your eyes. If you’re fair-complected, try dark brown. In many cases, black is too harsh. 
  • Stick to your eyebrows’ natural shape. Brush your eyebrows downward, use an eyebrow pencil to place natural-looking strokes near the top of the brow, and then brush the hairs back into place. Use a shade that’s just a bit darker than your current hair color (not what it used to be), and choose a pencil that’s hard, not soft. Subtle is always better, especially for the mature face. 
  • Use a primer.  Primer is something that’s relatively new to beauty routines, but you will find it to be a valuable addition. It will even skin tone and help your makeup to go on more smoothly. Then you can use a lighter weight foundation, for a more natural look.
  • Use a lightweight foundation.  As we age, our skin isn’t as smooth as it once was. That means more areas for foundation to settle into and look uneven, cracked or discolored. To avoid this, opt for a lighter weight foundation or a powder foundation. It might be a bit more sheer than you’re accustomed to, but it will work to even out your skin without drawing attention to those areas that show your age and keep you from aging beautifully. 
  • Keep your skin hydrated. Try The Body Shop’s NEW Drops Of Youth™ Bouncy Jelly Mist! Spritz Wherever, Whenever To Help Protect, Refresh And Hydrate Skin For Up To 24hrs.
  • Choose the right shade of concealer. Choose a concealer that’s a shade lighter than your skin tone, but not too light. Going a bit darker than you think you need will cover age spots more effectively.
  • Save the concealer for after your foundation. Most of us have learned that concealer goes on first, but it’s time to shift that thinking. First, apply your foundation and let it do its job. Then take care of any remaining discoloration with your concealer. It will look more natural, and you won’t be using more than necessary.
  • Apply concealer to the cheekbone. Many of us will attempt to hide dark under-eye circles by putting concealer right under the eye. For a more natural look, apply that concealer along the top of your cheekbones, following their natural contour. This will reflect light up, illuminating those dark circles without the caking. 
  • Put blush in the right place. Smile to find the apple of your cheeks (the most bulbous part). This is where blush should be applied—not in a long, diagonal stripe from your ear to your mouth (that is a bygone trend). 
  • Get more lip with lip liner. Draw your lip-liner line just outside the natural line of your lips and then apply lipstick. This will add volume. 
  • Choose the right shade of lipstick. As a rule, bright shades should be avoided as we age. Orange and peach tones tend to make teeth look yellow, so avoid them too. When searching for your perfect shade, think nudes and rosy colors. And choose moisturizing lipsticks, so the product won’t dry out and sink into lip lines. 

As we age, it’s important to understand that the cosmetics (and the applications) that were once complementary could now be making us look older.

So feel free to experiment.

Take a visit to a cosmetics counter to get some expert advice.

Learn the secrets that French women swear by to help them age gracefully.

Welcome new ideas, and enjoy your new look while aging beautifully.

Age Well with Hairstyle and Color Advice

Some hairstyles naturally call attention to certain parts of the face and neck.

As we age, we can draw interest to our best features (and divert attention from others) simply by getting the right haircut. 

In general, long hair makes the face appear fuller. If you’d like to avoid that, choose a blunt bob, which will slenderize the face and neck.

Your haircut acts like an arrow, pointing to and showcasing parts of your face. So if you have a lot of hair around your temples or pointing to your mouth, attention will be drawn to the wrinkles on those parts of your face.

A lot of hair around your face also casts shadows and ages you. Instead, opt to lighten the weight of the hair around you face. Ask for thinner bangs, or a bob with lots of movement so it doesn’t gravitate to your face.

There’s a reason that most mature women opt for shorter haircuts. The high-set volume of shorter cuts visually lifts and elongates the face and neck.

If you have concerns about your jawline, avoid cuts that end at the jawline (and especially those that curl in and point to it). A cut where most of the volume is above the jawline will detract from it. 

And as far as color goes, if you have chosen to flaunt your natural gray or white hair, keep it looking fresh (and younger) by adding a touch of lightener to your shampoo. It will remove the yellow tint that makes your hair look old and tired.

If you choose to color your hair, watch out for those roots! Gray roots make your hair appear thinner. Root touch-ups between salon visits are essential if you’re going to color your hair. 

Age Beautifully as the Uniquely Beautiful You

One of the most energizing and spirit-lifting things you can do is look your best.

When you look good, you feel great, and when you take care of yourself you look even better. It’s a never-ending, positive beauty cycle.

As you move forward, accentuating what makes you uniquely beautiful, remember to wear your sunscreen and large sunglasses (the sun ages our skin), wash your makeup off before bed, moisturize with a night cream, and sleep on your back if possible (so your skin doesn’t crease). 

You don’t have to “look good for your age.” You can simply “look great!”

We want you to feel your best and look your best, and we can do that when you visit us often. Attain peak health and wellness, find the best products for aging well and even reverse aging! We look forward to helping you along the way and watching you age beautifully!

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