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Today’s seniors have spirit, purpose, flair, intelligence and a desire to get more out of life.
If that sounds like you, welcome, you’re in the right place!

Why did we build a company especially for Americans over 50?


Some have called us misguided, a bit off our proverbial “rocker” but we believe that older Americans have been ignored long enough by our youth-driven culture and economy.

As an American over age 50, we know you are ready to discover a place for inspiration and encouragement, fresh health and wellness news and ideas, practical retirement tips and advice, discounts and deals, and access to the products and services seniors need most from America’s most trusted brands.

So we built The Senior Life to give you this, and so much more!

0 + million
Number of Americans age 50+
0 + trillion
Amount of annual economic activity to U.S. economy
0 cents
Amount of every dollar spent by age 50+
$ 0 billion
Amount age 50+ contribute to unpaid caregiving and volunteerism

Source: The Longevity Economy Outlook


From retirement savings, insurance and investment ideas, to exclusive deals from our signature partners, we offer expert advice on how to get the most out of every dollar.

We know that you can enjoy your best life when you put your health first. That’s why we strive to offer the latest news and best health, nutrition and wellness tips available for seniors.


Home is where the heart is. Considering relocating to warmer weather, a nearby retirement community, searching for home care, or simply want the best resources for upgrading your home? Look no further.

Live comfortably and secure, with the latest technology and recommendations specifically designed for seniors. Whether you are looking for identity theft protection, medical alerts or home security, we have you covered.


Searching for senior travel tips, advice to improve your golf or pickleball game, or the best free online games and puzzles for hours of enjoyment, we are your source for fun and entertainment.

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About our Founder


Did you know that Americans age 50 + contribute so much to our U.S. economy that they would constitute the third largest economy in the world if they were considered to be a country?

Yet, American seniors are virtually ignored every day by major corporations and advertising agencies in our youth-dominated society.
We at The Senior Life aim to change all that.

I am Jeff Cory, Founder of The Senior Life. I have devoted over 25+ years to serving seniors as a financial planner and senior living advisor. In addition, I have helped raise millions of philanthropic dollars for senior causes. Anyone who knows me, knows my heart and passion for older adults.

Today, Americans age 50+ are transforming the way we view aging and sparking fresh ideas and trends, transforming economic growth and giving rise to tremendous innovation and technology advances for older adults.

Our mission is to make The Senior Life your “go-to” source for all things retirement . . . fresh, transformative, and innovative. Smart, trusted advice from people who celebrate seniors, to make your life easier and more rewarding.

Thank you for joining our Senior Life family of readers! Now, go discover your dream retirement!

A champion for seniors,

Jeff Cory,
Founder, The Senior Life

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